May 4, 2015

Adobe acquires dynamic creative technology solution

Adobe has given technology users a suite of programs that helps with content creation. From Photoshop to InDesign and the convenient PDF format, the company is responsible for many of the products and applications professionals and creative types use every day. 

This week, it was announced that Adobe has acquired the Tumri platform from development firm Collective, which purchased it in 2011 and has since renamed "Ensemble."

For Adobe, the acquisition is something of a family affair. According to Media Post, two of the developers who created Ensemble are now at Adobe, so they will continue their work on the project in tandem with the company's broader expansion goals. The acquisition comes along with roughly nine employees from Collective who will see the technology through its implementation with Adobe applications. The platform is described as "dynamic creative technology" which will be leveraged to assist in advertising platforms. 

"The dynamic creative capabilities built into Tumri will augment Adobe's programmatic vision that will eventually tie together all media platforms to create a circular connection through the advertising supply chain," explains Laurie Sullivan of Media Post. "Data will feed into the system from across Adobe's media landscape, supporting the vision of personalized advertisements."

Making the transition between creative content and advertising should add a new feature to the existing suite of Adobe service offerings. Soon, creations on applications like InDesign and Photoshop may reach consumers for digital advertising purposes. 

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