November 11, 2014

Announcing an M&A deal tactfully

Company mergers and acquisitions are an important event for both parties. In addition to changing staff size, members and roles and building the new company's brand, business acquisitions often receive publicity — perhaps more attention than a company would normally get. The announcement can also have an effect internally, with employees wondering what will happen next. That's why it's essential to announce a merger gracefully.

PR Daily contributor Jessica Robnett offers the following tips for a successful merger announcement:

Robnett also advises companies to inform the three main audiences mentioned above "in rapid succession." This will give you a better handle on the situation than letting the news spread on its own, giving both companies the ability to present the facts and minimize speculation.

These tips underscore the importance of carefully managing an M&A deal from a PR standpoint to ensure that employees, investors, shareholders, customers and business partners feel they are well-informed, and that the public at large is given accurate information.