November 1, 2013

Apple acquired 15 companies in FY2013

Now that Apple CEO Tim Cook has held the company's Q4 investor call, new information has been revealed about the company's technology acquisitions in fiscal year 2013.

As it turns out, the company has been quite busy in the past year.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Apple completed 15 acquisitions, of which eight are currently known to the public. This is not a surprising move for the company, which is highly interested in acquiring smaller companies who have been developing specific skills or technologies that Apple can turn around and implement in future product lines.

For example, everyone who follows Apple news knows of the troubles the company had when it first released its Maps app on the iPhone and iPad. The software was riddled with errors and geographical mistakes and was quickly labeled inferior to Google Maps, which it replaced. However, it seems that Apple has made two purchases with the explicit purpose of fixing some of these problems. The first was of Locationary, a Canadian startup that organizes business profiles and location information. The second is, which focuses on walking and transit directions—the latter of which are still missing from Apple Maps.

Apple also looks interested in using its devices' Bluetooth capabilities in new and unique ways. This includes the development of iBeacons, which operate as specific location services for indoor areas. The company's acquisition of WiFiSlam and Passif Semiconductor will likely help out in that regard.

Finally, it looks clear that Apple is ready to improve Siri's capabilities to compete with Google Now. By purchasing Cue, the company may be able to expand the range of what a digital personal assistant can do.