July 31, 2014

Apple acquires BookLamp

As technological services continue to provide greater levels of personalization, companies working in these industries may have to make moves to stay competitive. Streaming radio services that offer the ability to provide users with content that is more specifically geared toward an individual user's tastes and preferences is desirable for some companies in this area.

It was recently discussed on this blog that Apple may be acquiring a company called Swell, a service that provides personalized streaming radio services. Apple also made another recent acquisition for a similar service, but this one has to do with books rather than music. 

According to Tech Crunch, Apple has acquired a company called BookLamp. BookLamp is a company that provides books analytics, and Tech Crunch speculates that this technology could be used by Apple as part of iBooks. BookLamp created a way to deliver book suggestions in the development of its Book Genome Project. According to the article, the service was able to suggest similar books based on the analysis of different styles of writing. 

Companies are constantly looking for ways to pinpoint exactly what consumers want. This is one of the reasons why some are seeking technologies that allow them to deliver a higher degree of personalization. The more specific content can be, the more potential there is for customers to be satisfied with the service or to purchase other products because they are receiving what they want.

It's worth noting that many people will access these types of services from their mobile phones, so companies that are able to provide these capabilities may be desirable for larger businesses that are looking to make an acquisition. Consult an M&A advisor to learn more about how to plan a workable acquisition strategy