August 6, 2013

Apple makes technology acquisition of wireless chip developer

Technology powerhouse Apple is constantly evolving its product lines, working to offer customers the best gadgets and tools possible. With another technology acquisition, the company could soon have the means to create and develop items with longer battery lives, and even offer wearable devices, such as activity-tracking watches.

Jessica Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, first took note last week of Apple's purchase of wireless chip developer, Passif Semiconductor. Lessin explained that even though the financial terms were not yet disclosed, the move is an important one in terms of the "technology arms race."

Passif develops communication chips that require very little power, Lessin wrote, and has a radio that works with a low-energy version of Bluetooth. The company said that this could be helpful for items such as health-monitoring and fitness devices. 

According to TechCrunch, a new feature in Apple's iOS 7 uses low energy technology to enhance location awareness. This could help Apple devices talk to receivers and transmitters installed in shops, museums and other locales.

"This kind of tech is also very useful in providing power savings benefits while devices like the iPhone are connected to and communicating with devices like fitness trackers and other wearable tech," the article explained. "That means a Passif purchase could help with the development not only of future smartphones and tablets at Apple, but also potentially still-unannounced devices like the rumored iWatch."

Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette confirmed the deal in a short statement, simply saying that her company makes technology acquisitions from time to time.

As this situation shows, technology mergers and acquisitions are designed to help businesses offer customers high-quality products and services, which will help all parties involved remain successful.