August 5, 2013

Asian companies continue to invest in gaming and technology acquisitions

With more consumers investing in mobile devices, technology companies are taking note and working toward creating products that cater to their needs. Cloud computing and GPS-related services are increasing in popularity, but shoppers also want to be entertained.

According to a recent VentureBeat article, technology acquisitions that help the gaming industry push forward are becoming more popular. The business opportunities are not just isolated to the United States, according to the news source.

Alina Soltys, a senior analyst at the Seattle-based Corum Group, recently spoke at the Casual Connect game conference in San Francisco, and explained that the top Asian tech firms have money and they are ready to spend it. Specifically, the organizations have around $30 billion and half of them have made game-related technology acquisitions in the last year.

U.S. firms have also participated in this trend, according to the news source. Yahoo, Facebook, Intel and Google have all made such transactions.

According to Soltys, U.S. target companies accounted for 48 percent of the merger and acquisition deals in the first half of 2013.

"We see mobile remaining strong this year," Soltys added, quoted by VentureBeat.

One of the more popular trends is free-to-play games, she said, but real-money gambling and social casino games "continue to be a hot sector."

New gaming technology continues to be invented and fine-tuned. With innovations like Google Glass and location-based mobile gaming, it only makes sense that consumer interest in such products will continue to increase. Companies that operate in those sectors should remain open to the idea of technology mergers or acquisitions, to ensure that they remain competitive and can offer the best options to their customers.