August 19, 2013

Australian tech publishing company acquires two firms

With mobile devices and the internet becoming more prominent aspects of consumers' lives, it only makes sense that companies are working to find ways to offer them the best online content possible. A recent technology acquisition underscores this point, as a world-renowned company announced that its Australian division is taking major strides toward improving its web-based content.

Future Publishing Australia announced that it will acquire two technology firms—APC and TechLife. These two firms are the leading Australian technology brands, and are expected to help with Future's digital growth plans.

"APC and TechLife are incredibly strong brands in the Australian technology sector – both engage large, loyal audiences of tech-savvy, influential early adopters, and both perfectly complement our existing portfolio," Neville Daniels, COO of Future Publishing Australia, said in a statement.

Daniels added that Future Publishing is looking forward to working with both teams as his company develops technology audiences across print, tablet, mobile and online. According to the COO, Future Publishing is focused on becoming Australia's leading technology publisher.

CEO Mark Wood agreed, saying that the two technology acquisitions are important steps to help build Future's content business around TechRadar, its top digital brand, and

T3 is one of several of Future's online magazine brands. Future sold more than 24 million magazines last year, according to a report by RNS. Additionally, Future exports or syndicates 225 publications to over 89 countries, which makes it the U.K.'s number one exporter and licensor of magazine content.

Keeping track of consumer needs, and then responding accordingly, is an important aspect to business. Sometimes, the right technology merger or acquisition could be an ideal answer for companies – whether they are buying or selling.