April 25, 2013

Binary Tree makes another important software acquisition

A strong acquisition strategy is able to create a solution that benefits both businesses. Such is the case with a recent software acquisition.

Binary Tree announced in a company press release this week that it acquired ManageRED Software, an innovation-driven software developer of Windows Server and Active Directory migration tools and solutions. The former company is a leading provider of messaging and collaboration transformation technology. It offers solutions for the Microsoft platform in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments.

By acquiring ManageRED, it will be easier for Binary Tree to augment their current and future Microsoft platform migration capabilities.

Steven Pivnik, chief executive officer at Binary Tree, said in a press release that his company is always looking for other businesses that complement its current migrations solutions portfolio.

"The acquisition of ManageRED's Active Directory products enables us to further enhance our migration offerings while expanding our SMART initiative with technology that enables customers and our partners to leverage solutions that further simplify a migration," he said.

Last year, Binary Tree created its SMART migration methodology, which is a system of best practices for messaging migrations based on the company's 20 years of working with customers in this realm.

CEO of ManageRED Software, Akos Sandor, explained in a statement that after meeting with Binary Tree executives, he knew that it was a good opportunity for both companies. He added that the software acquisition would benefit the worldwide customer base going through messaging and Active Directory migrations.

When two companies are working toward successful software mergers and acquisitions, it is important for business leaders to understand that both parties can benefit. The organization being acquired is not disappearing, rather, its technology is being integrated with the other. Customers can have more opportunities available in one spot and each technology company can ensure that its legacy is long-lasting.