January 26, 2015

Blog acquisitions can boost traffic and credibility

Anyone can start a blog. With the proliferation of open platforms like Blogger and WordPress, many writers and content creators have dabbled in blogging over the last 15 years, but only a sliver of them have broken out into widespread popularity. For that reason, many casual bloggers (and even those who devote significant time and energy to their projects) will tell you how hard it is to monetize content for a blog startup, even when they've grown a modest following. 

For a really unique and original blog, one monetization route is for a larger entity, a publication or a company, to acquire the rights to host it. As an acquisition strategy, this can help companies expand the size and reach of their existing websites, lend a new voice to their brand expression and bring your company to the attention of the blog's existing readership. For bloggers themselves, getting acquired can lend legitimacy and even cash flow to what might have started as a hobby or vanity project. 

Beginning the conversation is easy: just ask. Writers who blog for fun might not even have a sale on their radar, and it could be a pleasant surprise to receive an offer or statement of interest. 

"One final tip is to ask a blogger directly if they are ready to sell their blog," says the Pro Blogger blog. "They may not consider selling until you ask! If you can't find any recent posts or activity on a blog, chances are high that the blogger might be busy with some other work and would consider selling it. Believe me, this strategy works, and asking costs you nothing."

For tech companies, buying a blog can be a boost to web traffic and digital authority.