March 14, 2013

BYOD strategy rises in popularity, pushes need for new companies and strategies

The technology push has never been stronger in the business world. Organizations across multiple industries are working hard to stay ahead of the competition by properly integrating everything from new computer systems to bring-your-own-device strategies (BYOD). 

Entrepreneurs who want to be part of the digital trend would be wise to consider starting a technology company that could benefit larger businesses from a mobile standpoint. According to a study executed by IDG Research Services, 85 percent of companies support BYOD today, and more than 70 percent of IT executives surveyed believe companies without a BYOD strategy will be at a competitive disadvantage.

One startup that is benefiting from a comprehensive acquisition strategy is, the developer of a mobile app for website creation and management by small businesses. Go Daddy, the popular website domain company, acquired the smaller organization. officials explained in a press release that their product is compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad and can assist Go Daddy customers who rely on their smartphones to manage their online presence.

“ will now get discovered and utilized by many more small businesses and will help them build and promote their mobile presence and become successful online – wherever they are,” the startup said on its website.

Back in September, Go Daddy announced that in an effort to take advantage of its scale, technology and brand, it would seek out partnerships and acquisitions that would help small businesses succeed.

As the Go Daddy deal shows, a technology acquisition can be beneficial for both parties. Larger companies can be willing to work with smaller firms to find the best deal possible so they can ensure their own success as well as the business being acquired.