July 16, 2014

Comcast acquires PowerCloud Systems

These days, many aspects of daily life are becoming increasingly connected. People make use of various devices, from smartphones to tablets, laptops and more. Whether for business or any other purpose, consumers are using these devices to connect to the Internet, shop, conduct business and engage with media. As such, it makes sense that a large media company would be interested in technology that would make it easier for consumers to use and manage its services. 

Tech Crunch recently reported that Comcast has acquired a company called PowerCloud Systems. PowerCloud Systems makes a technology called Skydog, which enables customers to monitor broadband usage in their homes. With people increasingly using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, this technology makes it possible to keep track of which devices are connected. 

One of the benefits is that it will allow users to monitor not only their own devices connected to the Internet, but they can also keep track of other parties connecting to the network. This will allow customers to achieve higher levels of security and control of who is using their network connection.

As noted by an article in VentureBeat, "Comcast likely recognizes it's the gatekeeper to the Internet for a lot of people, especially considering it's in the process of buying Time Warner." If the Comcast Time Warner deal goes through, Comcast will end up with many more customers to retain, and adding extra features could be one way of accomplishing this. 

As we have discussed previously on this blog, companies often make acquisitions for talent, something that played a role in this deal, according to Tech Crunch. A well-planned acquisition can be beneficial for both companies. Contact an M&A advisor to learn more about how to develop an acquisition strategy