Current Engagements

Below are selected companies that are currently engaged with MergerTech for our sell-side advisory services. Click on the link below each company or contact MergerTech to request more information and review detailed profiles.

Project Arial

e-Clinical Trials Platform for Health and Pharma Sectors

“Arial” is a leading edge Cloud and SaaS enabled e-Clinical platform (EDC & ePRO) for managing clinical trials for global pharmaceuticals, contract research organizations, and medical device manufacturers worldwide.

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Project Raedam

Smart Parking Technology

“Raedam” has built a leading end-to-end technology in the Smart Parking vertical. The robust web and mobile-based service for parking and local commerce manages parking pain points and can be implemented modularly with different platforms.

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Project Coronado

Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Sector

“Coronado” provides real estate agent and broker digital marketing solutions including SEO-optimized websites, traffic boost, on-page SEO enhancements, and consulting services including training, reporting and management of SEO, blogging and social media.

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Project Silver

Digital Media and Content Production Solutions

“Silver” is a California based provider of digital media services to the film and television industry. Silver’s core business is a set of post-production services for original content like movies and television shows. They are widely acclaimed within the industry for both its level of quality and the security controls it provides to its customers.

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Project Per Kuleshov

Interactive Narratives Software Platform

“Per Kuleshov” is an advanced storytelling software platform and IP enabling the creation and consumption of personalized, social, and interactive professional narratives.

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Project Scarlett

Conversational AI Platform

“Scarlett” is a leading platform for developing and deploying text-based chatbots across major messaging applications.

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Project Rome

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

“Rome” is a leading provider of enterprise asset management solutions for the largest industrial, energy, utilities, and government organizations in the world. For two decades, Company has been the go-to consulting partner for complex, asset-intensive organizations seeking SaaS-based solutions for tracking, managing, and servicing multimillion-dollar asset portfolios.

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Project Sol

Digital Development Services for Enterprise

“Sol” is an award-winning, full-service agile software development company that specializes in engineering highly sophisticated digital products and solutions for enterprise clients. End-to-end agile and digital development services from agile software development, IT strategy, app development, to dynamic implementation, through enterprise class engineering with continuous improvement and a results oriented lens.

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Project All Spark

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

“All Spark” is a leading West Coast-based full-service customizable lithium-ion battery engineering and manufacturing firm. The company’s in-house prototyping and production, together with its team of experienced engineers, has allowed it to rapidly innovate and deliver products built to perform to the highest standards and incorporate the latest chemistry and safety systems.

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Project Le Mans

Professional Services and Technology Consulting

“Le Mans” is a fast-growing IT services arm of one of the largest privately held US companies. MergerTech is providing buy-side advisory to Le Mans to assist in the acquisition of a digital strategy consultancy and/or a cloud enablement services firm.

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