September 22, 2014

Data recovery firm Acronis acquires nScaled

Software developer Acronis, which specializes in backup and data recovery software, has acquired Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) firm nScaled in its second technology acquisition this month, according Boston Business Journal reporter Sara Castellanos. Earlier this September, Acronis acquired the Netherlands-based company BackupAgent, which, similarly to nScaled, specializes in cloud-based backups.

To create an optimal recovery environment, nScaled creates a local cloud for its customers, copies and stores their data so it is capable of being recovered through a secure connection (e.g. VPN), and continues to copy data every week, providing cloud-based storage of that data for up to 10 years. Through this process, the company is able to protect applications, databases, operating systems, virtual services and physical servers, as well as their clients' files and folders.

The acquisition will enable Acronis to expand its offerings in a meaningful way, since according to Forbes, backing up data without disaster recovery in mind is futile. If there is no disaster recovery plan in place, essential data can be lost for good in the event of a backup failure. This, among other reasons, is why Forbes contributor Ben Kepes called the merger "logical." He explains that, "with nScaled, Acronis can offer a service that allows customers to restore their entire operations to a cloud environment as opposed to on-premises."

The merger is clearly mutually beneficial, as Acronis customers may now benefit from nScaled's cloud-based data restoration technology, while the scope of nScaled's global reach will increase, given that over 300 thousand organizations all over the world utilize Acronis' data protection services. As a result of its continued expansion, Acronis plans to hire an addition 70 employees worldwide, Castellanos reports.