October 22, 2013

Deloitte announces third technology acquisition in previous month

As companies pad their portfolios with cutting-edge solutions and services to best serve the evolving needs of their clients, technology acquisitions are a necessary part of any expansion strategy.

Deloitte has continued its flurry of recent moves with two technology acquisitions — NXG, a provider of SAP solutions, and Quattro, a customer relations management software company. Both businesses are based in Australia. The acquisitions are expected to be finalized by November 1. Deloitte did not announce the financial terms of either agreement.

Deloitte has been active with its technology acquisitions in the last month, having recently announced a deal with web content management consultancy company Digicon. Following that announcement, Deloitte said it would focus its future technology acquisition efforts on businesses that provide services related to mobile technologies and social media as part of its ongoing effort to replace "tired and outdated approaches" with digital solutions.

In the case of the NXG acquisition, Deloitte's decision is rooted in its desire to be a leader in the next generation of ERP solutions.

"Our clients are looking for more than strategic advice in finance," said Deloitte managing partner Adam Powick. "We're really strengthening our ability to implement technology solutions in a very specific way. Digicon was in content management and these next two are based on specific functions. They will enable us to be the leaders in SAP and financial management solutions."

As part of this continued growth, Deloitte has also said it plans to make one more technology acquisition before Christmas.