July 17, 2015

Design and strategy firm Monsoon acquired by Capital One

Design and strategy firm Monsoon was acquired by Capital One.

Established brands like Capital One may be excellent at what they do, but that doesn't mean they have the native expertise to do what your firm does best. That sums up an acquisition between the bank holding company and Monsoon, a firm that operates as a design studio, development shop, marketing house and strategic consultancy. 

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but TechCrunch reports that the acquisition entails a total rebrand of Monsoon. The firm has done work with other high-profile clients in recent years but now will serve Capital One for various strategic and branding needs. 

"The 40-person Oakland team, which has done work developing apps and sites for companies like Yammer, Zazzle, the NBA, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and others, will remain in their offices following the deal's close while the remaining staff – around 35 persons – will continue on as a rebranded agency called Kunai," writes Sarah Perez of TechCrunch. 

Capital One and Monsoon previously collaborated on a small business product that has been in development for the last six months. An acquisition makes their connection more official, rather than continuing to do business as contracted partners. Sources familiar with Monsoon said the company prides itself for its corporate culture, designed to foster and harness creative energy to serve clients. With corporate restructuring ahead, time will tell how effectively Capital One can leverage those qualities for its own development purposes. 

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