July 28, 2014

Docker acquires Orchard Laboratories

It was announced recently that the open source company Docker has acquired Orchard Laboratories. Docker is a company that creates an open platform for developers, according to a CRN article. It allows developers to "build any app in any language using any toolchain," according to a description on the company's website.

There is a development community around Docker that Orchard Laboratories was reportedly an early part of. CRN explains that Orchard's technology offers capabilities that Docker stands to benefit from. The technology helps developers complete deployments. As the article notes, Docker has been experiencing growth and an acquisition will help to further this growth.

"Orchard was an early member of our community, and orchestration solutions have been a big trend over the last year," Docker's SVP of product Scott Johnston told the source.

It has been explained previously on this blog that many companies these days are making acquisitions for the purpose of gaining a talented team. This is commonly referred to as an "acqui-hire," and is what Docker looks to be doing with the acquisition of Orchard Laboratories. 

As Forbes contributor Ben Kepes explains in a recent article, part of the acquisition is to give Docker access to an Orchard Laboratories tool called Fig, that will be beneficial to Docker users. By acquiring this technology, Docker looks to add more value to its service and make the experience better for users.

In the tech sector, it is not uncommon to see companies join together in a merger or acquisition deal. Combining companies can hold advantages for parties on both sides of the deal, whether it's primarily for technology or to gain access to a talented team. Working with an experienced M&A advisor will help you develop the acquisition strategy that works for you.