May 22, 2014

Dyn announces acquisition of Renesys

Data services are big business, so it's not surprising to see company mergers and acquisitions where businesses have the goal of providing a better service and holding a stronger position in the market. In addition to gaining a specific product or invention, companies sometimes make acquisitions to strengthen their talent base and better enable them to create more innovative products. 

This is what Dyn is looking to do with its most recent acquisition. It was announced recently that Dyn has acquired Renesys, according to TechCrunch. Dyn is a provider of Internet performance solutions that help make sure information reaches its intended destination in an efficient way. Renesys is a cloud service data provider. Through this acquisition strategy, Renesys will bring Dyn increased capabilities to their Internet monitoring services.

According to TechCrunch, this acquisition will allow Dyn to use data to help cloud companies and data centers create better optimized networks. This will also reportedly involve integration of the companies' existing products. Both companies are based in New Hampshire.

"Renesys's global and granular visibility into the Internet will allow us to make better traffic and message decisions, helping our customers more efficiently connect with their audiences. Our new Performance Assurance product line will help businesses optimize their Internet and cloud network performance, in a world where any downtime or milliseconds of delay can have a real business impact," said Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn CEO in a press release.

As we have discussed previously, a major motivation behind a merger or acquisition may be to obtain valuable talent assets from another company. By acquiring Renesys, Dyn makes an important talent acquisition in addition to acquiring technology. Together, the companies will be able to work to strengthen their offerings.