September 19, 2013

Envision Technology will acquire FOCUS24

Customers are key to any business, and for companies that are looking to grow and offer their consumers the very best products and services, a technology acquisition could be an ideal answer. Such is the case for Envision Technology Advisors, a technology consulting firm. According to a company press release, Envision announced that it will acquire FOCUS24, an IT consultancy that specializes in complex data architectures, analysis and optimization of supportive infrastructure.

Envision had previously focused on areas including but not limited to desktop and data center virtualization, cloud services and enterprise data solutions. Officials in both companies feel that the business deal will be greatly beneficial in the short- and long-term.

Envision founder and CEO Todd Knapp said in the press release that his company had previously partnered with FOCUS24 on projects, so he already knew that the firm had a vast knowledge base that could benefit Envision.

"It would be impractical for Envision to home-grow expertise in every new solution offered by our company," he said. "When we decided to add high-end data solutions to our suite of Integrated Services, we immediately looked to the experts at FOCUS24 and worked on putting this deal together."

FOCUS24 president and co-founder Vin DiPippo said that for nearly two decades his customers came to know the company as having "deep skill sets and a consistent ability to deliver on projects that meet their most challenging technology problems."

DiPippo added that the technology acquisition will give both companies the opportunity to address needs that had been previously seen in the existing customer bases, but the organizations were unable to solve on their own. He believes that all of their consumers will be pleased with what the two can accomplish together.