August 8, 2013

Find a company that fits with yours ‘like a glove’

Just two weeks ago, developer training platform PluralSight bought PeepCode, a video tutorial site. The former company is continuing its purchasing streak by acquiring TrainSignal, a firm that offers web-based classes for IT professionals. 

PluralSight told GigaOM that the move—worth $23.6 million—will let it focus on more than just developers, and provide the company with a better opportunity to work with the IT side of the industry.

PluralSight CEO Aaron Skonnard told Crain's Chicago Business that the two business' libraries fit together "like a glove."

"What we don't have, they have, and what they don't have, we have," Skonnard said. "Bringing these two companies together is going to be incredibly powerful and exciting for customers on both sides, and will also allow us to start bringing in a new caliber of instructors at different deal sizes that will distinguish us from the rest of the industry."

Skonnard and TrainSignal founder Scott Skinger have known one another for several years, according to the news source. Skinger was first offered a deal in April, which he declined. However, he eventually changed his mind, explaining that the vision being laid out by Skonnard was very appealing. Skinger agreed that the technology acquisition was a perfect fit for both companies.

Skonnard further explained that after the transaction is complete, PluralSight will be able to offer a much more comprehensive library to employees at all stages within the IT sector. This will not only give workers a less expensive option to gain professional development, but the PluralSight web page will also be more appealing to enterprise clients, he said.