July 22, 2013

Finding a ‘fortuitous coming together’ for your company

FoundationDB, a firm that specializes in database technology—specifically NoSQL—has acquired Boston-based Akiban Technologies. In the same industry, Akiban has been working on similar strategies to simplify big data, according to the Boston Business Journal.

For example, Akiban was trying to provide businesses with whatever they needed to handle complex big data while still running traditional SQL operational databases. FoundationDB was focused on NoSQL storage technology that lets users scale their applications while maintaining data consistency.

In a statement on its company blog, FoundationDB explained that Akiban's technology is a natural fit as a powerful layer on top of its own engine. Additionally, the Virginia-based startup is excited to be able to offer its customers the added benefits from Akiban's products and services.

Akiban CEO Ori Hernnstadt told GigaOM that his company's unique SQL capabilities are directly applicable to distributed systems and the world of NoSQL.

FoundationDB co-founder David Rosenthal told the news source that the idea for the deal first happened months ago, during partnership meetings.

"We were building a storage substrate, a core product for storing and scaling data, but were agnostic about the data model. Our ambition was to provide layers to run different data models. Akiban had this SQL engine and we knew we'd get into SQL someday," Rosenthal said.

He added that Akiban had built its product around the same abstraction that FoundationDB's substrate used. All in all, it was a "fortuitous coming together."

M&A activity can last for various lengths of time, but the key aspect is for companies to find organizations that have complementary goals. That way, a technology acquisition can be finalized that benefits all parties and their customers.