December 10, 2014 and Clothes Horse merge virtual fitting room services

In a year robust with technology mergers and acquisitions, even the ecommerce marketplace still saw its share of deals. and Clothes Horse are two companies with the same objective: helping consumers pick out clothing items with the best fit. Deemed "virtual fitting room solutions," the companies provide different services with the same end goal in mind. is a British company that provides visualizations of clothing in a mock-fitting room platform. With their service, customers are able to see what an article of clothing might look like based on their personal measurements. Clothes Horse, based in New York, uses an algorithm to translate a customer's measurements into viable clothing options, based on the inventory and reported sizing of retail items. By negotiating an across-the-pond deal, the two companies stand to grow their footprint in a narrow market of online shopping. 

" is the leading Virtual Fitting Room solutions provider in Europe, and can now make the same claim in North America," said James B. Gambrell, chief executive officer at in a press release. "The integration of Clothes Horse's founders and key staff also ensures that our current and future North American clients will continue to receive locally the same exceptional level of customer service for which both and Clothes Horse are renowned."

The companies are aiming to begin merging their lines in the beginning of 2015. Currently, Clothes Horse works with 30 clients to promote 600 clothing brands. By joining forces with, the companies will continue in their mission to personalize online retail experiences for consumers as they shop for apparel. With a boom in ecommerce across Europe in 2014 and strong holiday ecommerce figures around the world, the niche service could expand into the mainstream.