August 25, 2015

For startup founders, to blog or not to blog?

One of the best ways to communicate your company's ethos and describe its work is through blogging.

When you're applying for a job, you need an impressive resume. When your startup is speculating for a merger or acquisition, it needs a record of success and potential that makes it attractive to buyers and investors. One of the best ways to communicate your company's ethos and describe its work is through blogging. 

"Venture capital firms invest in people," explains Monique Woodward, an entrepreneur and consultant. "The more VCs know about you and your point of view, the more attractive your startup starts to look. Use your blog to expose the strengths of your team and develop thought leadership around the elements of the business you're particularly good at. The more VCs become invested in your story, the easier the funding road will be."

Blogging may seem time consuming, perhaps more than it's actually worth. That's why it can become a team effort: While there's a high premium placed on founders' blogs, input from your finance, tech and marketing leaders can also provide a good window into how your company operates and approaches its work. Companies in the hunt for an acquisition often look for companies that share their goals, values and other aspects of doing business that can best be communicated through writing. It's good to start small, but eventually you may even be producing native video content and other media to tell the world about what makes your startup unique. 

If your company plans to land a lucrative merger or acquisition, a qualified M&A advisor can help guide you. Contact us today to learn more about how working with an advisor can expedite and clarify the process of tech mergers and acquisitions.