May 30, 2013

GFI Software acquires IASO

A technology acquisition will be successful when both companies involved understand how the other works and know that each organization has similar goals. When two companies have previously worked together, the M&A process can move more smoothly and quickly. Such is the case with GFI Software and the online backup software company IASO.

According to a press release, GFI Software purchased IASO, which is based in the Netherlands. The latter company uses cloud-based solutions to give customers a secure backup of their digital assets. 

GFI Software CEO Walter Scott said in a press release that his company had already been using IASO's technology for over a year and it had been a great success with customers.

"Acquiring IASO's technology provides us with a huge opportunity to expand this side of our business, target new opportunities in the MSP community and among businesses that want to reduce the technical and logistical overhead of backup and benefit from the fastest cloud based restore available," he said.

Johan Jongsma, chief technology officer for IASO‚Äč, said in the press release that his company is very pleased that GFI Software opted to use its technology going forward. Jongsma added that it is a recognition of the value his company has created in the Netherlands and other regions. He said that GFI has the capability to take IASO backup technology to the global level. 

When two companies are able to come together and create a mutually beneficial opportunity, it will also help their customers. As GFI Software and IASO have proven, technology acquisitions have the ability to strengthen all involved organizations and create a cohesive unit.