October 9, 2013

Globo acquires Notify to strengthen BYOD capabilities

Technology is ever-evolving and continues to have an impact on the business world. More companies are working to integrate bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and firms that create those devices want to design the best products that can keep pace with industry changes.

A recent technology acquisition further proves that point. Globo, which makes enterprise mobility management and telecom software products and solutions, purchased Notify for $5 million. The latter company specializes in wireless mobility solutions and has a mobile device management (MDM) system that will help Globo offer support to any company phones, regardless of their operating system. 

Globo CEO Costis Papadimitrakopoulos told Proactive that the move adds to his firm's Go!Enterprise technology and will help Globo become one of the most complete, fully integrated solutions.

Before the technology acquisition, Globo only had the ability to offer support to employees' own phones, namely handsets they are liable for.

"In addition to MDM [mobile device management] functionality, thereby opening up significant new business opportunities for GO!Enterprise during the industry's transition to containerization, Notify brings highly skilled and experienced people, our most valuable asset," he told investors last week.

Had this not taken place, the CEO said that Globo would have had to build the technology organically, which would have cost time and money. However, the Notify team is very established, well-managed and technically savvy, so it will bring a lot to the table. 

Company acquisitions can often have far-reaching effects for a business' employees and its customers. The Globo and Notify situation is no different, as Papadimitrakopoulos explained that his own clients, along with Notify's, will have access to technology that they did not have previously.