August 11, 2014

Google acquires Directr

With an increasing number of people using mobile technology to shop, conduct business transactions, research products and services, take photos and video and communicate, the need for technology that can facilitate these activities is great. 

That's why it makes sense as an acquisition strategy that Google has purchased Directr. Directr is an application that allows users to create movies using their smartphones. According to an article in PCWorld, the app is directed toward businesses, which can use the app to make marketing videos.

Video content is an important aspect of marketing these days, and businesses need ways to effectively promote themselves. With Directr, they will be able to access the tools they need in order to accomplish this.  

Directr provides advantages to its users because it gives them templates to work with from which they can create storyboards and other important elements that go into the creation of a video. 

PCWorld reports that although there was previously a cost for the app, Google plans to offer it for free. By offering these capabilities, Google is able to offer users more value. As detailed in an article from Mashable, Google has been working to offer services to small businesses. The reason behind this is that it can help Google increase its advertising revenue through small businesses. 

With the demand for technology, smaller companies that are able to offer a unique product may be approached by larger ones for a potential acquisition deal. Before moving forward in this process, it is essential to know what's involved in the process. An experienced M&A advisor can work with your company to develop the acquisition strategy that works best for you.