August 27, 2014

Google acquires Gecko Design

It was reported recently that Google is acquiring Gecko Design Inc. for its Google X lab, according to Bloomberg. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gecko Design's president, Jacques Gagné and the four other employees of the company will go on to join Google. 

Gecko Design was founded in 1996 and has done design work for companies like HP, Dell and FitBit. Google X works on developing new and innovative technologies, so it makes sense that it would be interested in a company known for creating successful hardware designs. As the Wall Street Journal details, Google X labs stands to benefit from quality design work for the development of its innovative products such as Google Glass and smart contact lenses. 

"We're a piece that Google X doesn't necessarily have," Gagné explained to the source. "People come to Gecko because they don't know how to turn ideas into real products, especially when it's something that hasn't been done before. That's what attracted Google X."

When large companies like Google work on a multitude of projects, they may look for companies that provide a specific type of technology or skill to meet their needs. In some deals, an acquisition will take place to gain technology, while in others, a company will be interested in another because it wants to acquire a talented team that will help them achieve their goals. 

The right M&A deal could be a great move for any company. However, there are many considerations that factor in to determining whether a deal will be worth it. An M&A advisor can provide valuable guidance concerning these matters.