August 21, 2014

Google acquires Jetpac

In today's digitally-driven world, there is a lot of data being generated through the activities that take place on the Internet and through devices linked to it. On its own, the data is just a lot of information, but when analysis is applied it can generate valuable insight.

For this reason, companies and technologies that are able to provide this type of analysis and insight are desirable. Recently GigaOm reported that Google has acquired a company that provides helpful analysis of Instagram photos. According to the article, the company, which is called Jetpac, provides a service that uses Instagram photos to advise travelers about desirable places to visit. 

Through the use of these "city guides" that the service creates, users are able to enhance their experience of a particular destination. The way it works is by using image recognition to determine different aspects of a place that may be appealing. By providing the analysis of these photos, the technology is able to provide a valuable insight. 

Jetpac's technology uses algorithms to see various elements in a photo and provide information about them. The app is able to focus on small details that make a place unique. Google will likely use Jetpac's technology to enhance its offerings in some way. 

As more products and services continue to integrate web connectivity, larger amounts of data will continue to become available. Through the analysis of this information, individuals and companies alike can benefit from decisions that are backed by an increasing amount of insight.

Companies that are able to provide these types of services may be sought out for an acquisition. A M&A advisor can help your company develop a workable acquisition strategy.