June 27, 2014

Google announces acquisition of Appurify

Google recently announced its acquisition of mobile testing company Appurify, according to Tech Crunch. Appurify creates a platform that allows developers to automate testing processes. According to a post on Appurify's website, the company will eventually be working to integrate their technology into Google's developer platform. 

It is common for companies to make acquisitions that will allow them to improve their existing technology or to use it in a complementary way. With the addition of Appurify, Google will be able to improve its developer tools. Their technology is important because it allows for a more streamlined testing process, making it easier and faster for developers to carry out testing on a large scale and across many different mobile devices.

Additionally, acquiring another company for talent or technology can help companies establish certain services in-house instead of having to hire an outside party. According to Tech Crunch, having Appurify's testing services under the Google umbrella will help Google deal with issues that are often related to Android. By improving capabilities for developers, Google may look to enhance various aspects of its business.

We recently discussed another Google acquisition in which the company's Nest Labs purchased a maker of video monitoring devices, Dropcam for $555 million. Google has made other acquisitions recently, including Skybox for satellite imaging technology and Rangespan for e-commerce capabilities. 

Google is known for developing technologies in many different areas, so these recent deals make sense with its acquisition strategy. By enhancing its capabilities, Google can continue working to create products that stand out from the competition.

In the tech world, an investment from a major company can help businesses take their technologies and services to the next level. Companies can work with an M&A advisor to ensure this process runs smoothly.