June 18, 2013

Have the experts help you sell your technology business

As an entrepreneur, starting and then running your own technology business is something that you have a knack for. But what happens when you decide the time is right to sell your technology business? In order to ensure that your product, employees and the company itself has a chance to live on, it is important to find the right company in which to enter into M&A activity.

According to a contribution piece in Inc. Magazine, starting the process with misguided expectations could create a bumpy road for a business owner. It's necessary to not over or under price a company, while also understanding what has happened to other organizations in similar situations. This will not guarantee that your company will have the same outcome – positive or negative – but it is helpful to have a realistic idea in mind.

"During the preparation stage, it's important to right-size your expectations," the article explained. "By evaluating the recent sales of similar businesses in your area, you can gain more realistic insights about average sale prices and how long it typically takes to sell a business like yours."

Furthermore, working with a business broker, investment banking firms and other experts can be exceedingly helpful, the article said. This can help you better prepare to sell your business and understand what is to be expected at various stages of the M&A process.

Entrepreneur Magazine explained that realizing what any possible deal breakers could be is also important. That way, business owners could prepare thorough and helpful answers to potential buyers. Anything from company ownership issues, accounting details or even intellectual property rights could all pose potential problems if not properly dealt with ahead of time.