January 6, 2014

Healthcare services company makes three acquisitions

Dohmen, a healthcare services company with more than 150 years of experience, recently announced several additions that will make it better positioned to serve customers with its treatments and tools.

According to a recent press release, the company will acquire three companies. They are Red Arrow Labs, Clinical Path Consulting and ChemWare.

Red Arrow is a software architect that develops programs for business needs. Clinical Path Consulting works with healthcare providers that need help using their technology in more efficient ways while also meeting regulatory requirements. ChemWare is a laboratory information management system that helps labs improve the effectiveness of their automated environments.

In the press release, Dohmen CEO Cynthia LaConte said that it sought out these companies as part of an effort to expand its technological offerings to customers. Some of the areas that Dohmen wants to focus on are applications development, data analytics, consulting services and hosting.

"Our life science and healthcare clients are increasingly interested in using technology to connect with and empower healthcare consumers; in particular, through the growing use of analytics and mobile applications," LaConte said.

Mark Grosskopf, who founded two of the companies, agreed that the merger would be highly beneficial. "It's exciting to join forces with a solid, privately held company that shares our goal of leveraging technology to create efficiencies within healthcare while making a real difference in peoples' lives by improving the quality of their care," he said.

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