December 17, 2015

Honeywell acquires research chemicals business Sigma-Aldrich

Honeywell has recently expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich

Honeywell has recently completed its acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich, a German-based laboratory research chemicals business. In doing so, Honeywell broadens its products and services to include high-purity solutions for drug discovery, medical diagnostic testing and other laboratory applications.

Qamar Bhatia, president of Honeywell's Specialty Products business, said the deal was completed so the company could broaden its horizons and serve more customers in unique market segments. He says because this was partly a customer-focused acquisition, customers will still be able to purchase products through Sigma-Aldrich

"The combined Honeywell business will be able to serve a broader range of customers and applications with global brands recognized for world-class quality and lot-to-lot consistency essential for a range of applications including drug synthesis, food, environmental, chemical and forensic testing," said Bhatia. "To make the transition process as seamless as possible, customers will still order products directly through Sigma-Aldrich and receive the same level of dedicated customer, technical and logistical support as they always have."

After the acquisition, Honeywell's portfolio now includes the following product lines: Fluka, Hydranal, Chromasolv, Riedel-de Haen, Burdick & Jackson and Sigma-Aldrich . All lines include products for pharmaceuticals and bioscience.

To ensure Sigma-Aldrich transition to Honeywell goes smoothly and that the former continues to operate at a high level, Honeywell has allowed the core leadership team of Sigma-Aldrich intact. The company will, however, be integrated into Honeywell's Fine Chemicals business.