August 14, 2013

How an acquisition could ‘secure your future’

A recent Inc. Magazine piece explored the reasoning behind some of the reasons entrepreneurs launch businesses, and found that companies begin because of loved ones or even to just overcome one's own personal anxieties.

Lia Grimanis was homeless as a teenager, which inspired her to start a business to help women who are in similar positions. Grimanis now runs Up With Women and said that the first year of the company, she made close to $50,000—a stark contrast to living on $1 per day during her younger years.

"Most of [the women] feel they couldn't rely on a job to give them security, and their homelessness was their proof," she told the news source. "They chose self-employment so they could be the best mother to their children and secure their future on their terms."

Securing the future on their own terms is something that many entrepreneurs strive for, and is why they start their own company in the first place. When it is time to enter into M&A activity, the goal will likely be the same. With assistance from the right individuals, such as lawyers and investment banking firms, small- to medium-sized business owners can secure stability for their organization.

When companies have complementary goals and ideals, a technology acquisition that satisfies all parties can occur. Even the business that is being purchased can still find ways to provide for customers—it will just be merging with a larger firm. By putting the same amount of dedication into working through an acquisition, entrepreneurs will be able to rest assured that their company remains secure, even if it is part of another firm.