April 18, 2013

How do I sell my technology business?

As large technology firms look for the best ways to keep their business innovative and current with customer demand, it could be a perfect opportunity for small and medium-sized business owners. Technology mergers and acquisitions can benefit all companies that are involved, and it might be the precise opportunity for an owner who wants a strong exit strategy.

Let's pretend that you and a business partner have designed a popular mobile application. As more consumers have turned toward smartphones and iPads, the technology acquisition market is booming. However, the two of you want something more. You each have ideas and want another opportunity to see them flourish. How can you move in a new direction, while not sacrificing your startup?

Selling your technology company does not mean the end

Once you've decided that it's time to sell, it is important to surround yourself with the right individuals who can help you work toward finding a good merger or acquisition opportunity.

"Selling a business is an involved process. It's best to have an experienced professional on your side to show you the ropes," explained a Small Business Trends article. "You can't afford to neglect the business for such an extended time while you're caught up selling it. If revenues/profits drop, the selling price also suffers."

While selling your technology business will not necessarily take years, it is important to not neglect your company. In the process of trying to find the right firm to sell to, tiny details could become overlooked, which will only harm you further down the road.

Business owners might be experts in the industry in which they work, but the professionals at investment banking firms are at the top of their field. Working with a firm that specializes in M&A activity can help companies create a strong exit strategy that will not compromise the bottom line of an organization being acquired.