November 15, 2016

How Will President Trump Approach Mergers?

The tech industry is paying attention to how a future Trump Administration might treat mergers and acquisitions.

Whenever a presidential administration changes, there is a certain amount of uncertainty that all businesses have to deal with – especially if they are in the middle of planning a merger. As the future Trump administration plans its transition, the technology industry is likely paying close attention to any signals it may get regarding the future.

For instance, AT&T still hopes to purchase Time Warner for $85.4 billion. President-elect Trump has said that he opposed the deal, but AT&T CFO John Stephens believes that there is still room for his business to work with the incoming administration.

"From a company perspective, we really look forward to working with President-Elect Trump and his transition team," Stephens said, according to Wireless Week. He added that Trump's "policies and discussions about infrastructure investment, economic development, and American innovation all fit right in with AT&T's goals."

Along that same vein, Roy Behring, portfolio manager at Westchester Capital Management, told Reuters that Trump's general political beliefs point to a favorable regulatory environment, regardless of his specific statements on any particular deal.

"We think Trump will be pretty good for merger and acquisition activity," Behring said. "as a general proposition, he is pro-business and pro-free market."

In times of governmental and regulatory uncertainty, it helps to get additional guidance. There are still many opportunities for businesses to expand their organizations, find new talent and pursue new avenues of success. A mergers and acquisitions firm can help you negotiate a great deal that will put your company on solid footing for the future.