April 14, 2014

IBM to acquire Silverpop

Marketers are constantly looking for better ways to increase customer engagement. Some turn to automated marketing software to help accomplish this goal. The more personalized a customer interaction can be, the better, but sometimes it can be challenging for marketers to achieve the level of personalization they want. However, customer-centric marketing solutions can be a valuable asset to companies that want to build stronger customer relationships and increase brand loyalty and sales.

IBM recently announced that it will be acquiring cloud-based marketing software provider Silverpop. Based in Atlanta, GA, Silverpop is a privately-held software company responsible for producing marketing automation software that allows marketers to created personalized customer interactions. The company's behavioral marketing capabilities allow marketers to use real-time information to take action on customer behaviors, according to the Sliverpop website. 

According to a press release from IBM, by acquiring Silverpop, IBM will be able to offer a complete solution to businesses of all sizes that allows them to deliver advanced customer engagement for customers at any level of brand engagement.

"The acquisition of Silverpop turbocharges IBM's ability to put the customer at the center of any organization," said Craig Hayman, GM, Industry Cloud Solutions, IBM, in a press release. "Now, nearly any marketing, commerce or customer service professional from any business will have the ability to deliver the kinds of personalized customer experiences that make a measurable impact on the brand experience and the bottom line."

By using this acquisition strategy, IBM is extending its marketing client base to 8,000 organizations worldwide and adding to its portfolio of Software-as-a-Service products, which already features over 100 options. The acquisition of Silverpop will allow IBM to deliver more value to its client base and shareholders.