November 17, 2015

Industry merger and acquisition deals spike

There is a growth in mergers and acquisitions across a variety of industries.

Many industries across the country are experiencing spikes in merger and acquisition deals. Industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, tech and health care are all witnessing a lot of movement and consolidation. From companies buying out competitors, to joining forces to meet the marketplace's needs more effectively, this trend is predicted to continue growing over the next few months, writes.

This wave of mergers is not a new concept, James F. Peltz writes for the Los Angeles Times, as they are the natural result of evolution and market competition. Many years ago, one of the major trends shaping a variety of industries was bringing together multiple companies in an effort to diversify. Experts conclude that this current spike in deals is another cycle in the ongoing trend of companies looking to expand their operations and reach..

While each industry is different, today's flux in mergers and acquisitions creates a new era of products, services and unique business outlooks for consumers to enjoy. For companies looking to pursue a deal, experts state that now is the time to pursue this goal.

"With interest rates still low, businesses can borrow relatively cheaply to finance takeovers," Peltz reports. "The stock market, despite severe bumps late this summer and last week, remains at near record-high levels, and that gives buyers a strong currency to help pay for deals."

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