September 17, 2013

Intel makes quiet technology acquisition with Indisys purchase

Several recent technology acquisitions have centered around mobile technology, and how companies have been making efforts to provide customers with the latest and greatest systems and gadgets. Intel is one of those organizations, and it announced last week that it had acquired Indisys, which focuses on natural language recognition.

While financial details of the technology acquisition have not been revealed, nor has Intel announced how Indisys will fit into its daily operations, several reports say that the move will strengthen its push into artificial technology.

"While there has been speculation that Intel would license technology from companies like Nuance to build it into its own systems, the Indisys deal is an indication that Intel is getting more serious and wants to build and ultimately control this technology itself instead," explained TechCrunch.

An Intel spokesperson told the news source that while Indisys does have "a deep background in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and machine learning," she could not reveal details on how the M&A activity will affect Intel. 

According to a ZDNet article, mobile technology has been an important aspect to Intel for some time now. Furthermore, many of the natural language and dialogue management solutions in Indisys' portfolio are targeted toward mobile platforms, "namely in the forms of intelligent virtual assistant apps for facilitating sales and customer service."

TechCrunch further explained that Indisys already has technology that rivals Apple's Siri—the voice application that speaks to users. One example of the intelligent assistant (IA) interfaces is called "Maya" and can be found on the company's website.

Regardless of how this mergers and acquisitions news plays out, it shows the importance of keeping pace with the competition. Companies of all sizes can benefit from M&A activity when the right deal can be found.