March 10, 2016

Intel moves to make a mark in 3-D sports watching technology

Revolutionary new technology may dramatically change the ways sports fans watch their favorite games.

The Intel Corporation recently made moves toward diversifying the primarily hardware-focused business market through acquiring an Israeli start-up whose technology will allow the multinational technology organization to develop an interactive video feature for its platforms.

Replay Technologies, headquartered in Tel Aviv, developed a 3-D video technology, where the start-up's developers use a video format with dubbed freeD that combines the use of high-resolution cameras and computer graphics so that sports fans can watch a game with 360-degree angles, Dylan McGrath wrote at EE Times.

"As companies and individuals are using fewer PCs and servers in more generic business settings, Intel is looking for new ways to use its chip technologies and 3-D rendering both for external viewing like this and with the growing popularity of virtual reality represent a good market opportunity for the company," Ron Miller wrote for TechCrunch.

Wendell Brooks, Intel's senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions, explained to McGrath that this move is one among many in the organization's journey to deliver reliable and fast content in a highly personalized manner. Sports fan will essentially be able to take charge of their own viewing experience, not missing out on any crucial moment.

A journey for enhanced sports watching experiences
Earlier this year, the National Basketball Association and Intel partnered to released NBA All-Star 2016, which used freeD technology to offer unparalleled highlights and replay views for all sports fans on the NBA's app, website or on live television broadcasts.

"Innovation in technology now plays an unprecedented role in transforming people's experiences in the world of sports, from athletes and coaches to broadcasters and fans," Intel CEO Brian Krzanich explained in a company press release.

Intel officials revealed that the company has been in talks with Replay since 2013. Through combining Intel's high quality processor technology with Replay's freeD video formatting, fans will be able to experience sports like never before.

Industry analysts such as Jim McGregor, the principal analyst for Tirias Research, explained to McGrath that this acquisition is far from being a risky move for Intel. As the semiconductor and PC business sectors are waning in market popularity, many industry giants, like Intel, are looking to further expand their products and services. Intel is actively preparing for the future of sports viewing through investing in revolutionary technology early on, not waiting until competitors dominate the market.

"Networks and leagues are looking for new ways to engage fans and keep us interested in their events," Miller explained. "Replay Technologies represents one way to ensure [fans] continue watching, sharing and talking about what [their] seeing, regardless of the screen [they] are using."

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