December 19, 2013

Intel to acquire new wireless infrastructure

In an effort to compete with many of its rivals, Intel has announced that it will acquire certain wireless assets. According to an article on PC World, the company plans to buy a division of Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. that deals in this area.

This is not the first time Intel has made an investment in wireless technology in recent years. Back in 2011, the company bought Infineon Technologies' wireless division for $1.4 billion, according to PC World. This allowed Intel to build the chips it needed to offer 3G and LTE modems to smartphone makers.

The wireless assets of Mindspeed Technologies offer base-station hardware that will help Intel transmit data over wireless networks to mobile devices. The idea is that this will help networks deal with the additional workloads that have been building.

"Through this acquisition, Intel will gain a wireless infrastructure team with deep experience in delivering signal processing-related technologies and IP for base stations," Rose Schooler, vice president and general manager of Intel's Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group, wrote in a recent press release. "Having this team as part of Intel will accelerate consolidation of the final fourth workload on Intel technologies, delivering increased value to customers."

This technology acquisition will allow Intel to gain an experienced team to improve its offerings. This is certainly a positive outcome for any company, and will help it speed development and keep up with competitors. The best deals, such as this one, are arranged with the help of an experienced mergers and acquisitions firm.