November 1, 2016

Intertek Announces Acquisition Of EWA-Canada

Intertek will acquire

The Internet of Things is the future of connectivity. We are already reaching the point where it is not enough to possess smartphones and tablets that are always on the internet: We want to be able to use these devices to control other tools and appliances in our lives.

However, the promise of the Internet of Things also brings perils. It is clear that the more devices there are connected to a network, the more chances hackers have to break into these systems. Just recently, we saw evidence of a massive cyberattack that is believed to have targeted IoT devices: According to Forbes, malware known as the Mirai bot searched the web for devices protected by factory-default login credentials and then used them as entrance points for greater maliciousness.

Companies that have a lot riding on IoT know that they need to boost security, and are making the necessary investments. Recently, Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider, announced its acquisition of EWA-Canada, a provider of cybersecurity.

According to a press release, the deal is expected to help Intertek offer a more diverse selection of services to its client base, including in-house data security evaluations. EWA-Canada has experience with product security evaluations and can help ensure that

"In today's increasingly connected world, it is becoming more important to ensure IoT-enabled products and devices have secure connections, reliable connectivity and dependable power," said Rich Adams, senior vice president at Intertek.

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