March 30, 2016

Is the NTT Data deal a way to help Dell pay off its debts?

NTT Data recently announced its acquisition of Dell Inc.'s Dell Services division.

Dell is on the merger and acquisition move once again, though this time, another company is conducting the buyout. Japanese global IT service and solution provider NTT Data recently agreed to buy Dell Inc.'s IT consulting division, Dell Services, in a deal valued at $3.06 billion, according to Bloomberg News.

This announcement comes mere days after the European Commission approved Dell's $67 billion purchase of data storage provider EMC Corporation, according to Reuters. This deal, dubbed the largest technology industry merger of all time, should allow Dell to effectively compete against fellow industry leaders such as Cisco Systems or Hewlett-Packard. This deal with NTT Data may be one way Dell is paying off its massive debt accrued through its deal with EMC Corp.

What is Dell Services?
The Dell Services division of the Dell corporation is a non core asset that provides technology consulting services for health care and insurance industries. Dell Services was formally known as Perot Systems, an IT services provider founded by Ross Perot in 1988. Dell purchased the company in 2009 for $3.9 billion, making this current buyout at around $800 million less than the original sale price.

"Perot Systems has a large base of U.S. clients in medical and other markets, so it fits NTT Data's strategy to increase its presence there," Hideaki Tanaka, an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley, explained to Bloomberg News prior to the deal's announcement. "NTT Data can win big contracts in Japan, but in the U.S., it is less well-known."

Since 2011, NTT Data has spent more than 72 billion yen purchasing of companies, with 62 billion yen outside of its home base of Japan. Despite this growth, this deal will be one of the company's largest to date. This deal also solidifies NTT Data's presence overseas.

What else is on Dell's horizon?
At the same time Dell was announcing its multi billion dollar deal with NTT Data, Healthcare IT News reported that Dell signed two $100 million deals with Dubai Health Authority and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island, respectively.

In Dubai, Dell Services will provide a full health insurance reimbursement program that is fully compatible with the organization's new EHR system. While in Rhode Island, Dell Services will serve to boost the organization's IT operations through advanced technological solutions. This move will improve growth margins, lower operating costs and hopefully lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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