March 19, 2013

Linksys acquisition allows for customers to remain satisfied

Belkin announced on Monday that it completed its acquisition of Cisco's Linksys division. The move will still keep both brands distinct, according to officials from each firm. According to an article in PC World, Belkin is determined to create a premium ecosystem for the connected home.

As a CNET article explained, Linksys – like its routers and Smart Wi-Fi portfolio and services – will be managed by Belkin but will remain a separate brand and portfolio.

According to Mike Chen, Belkin's senior director of networking, the acquisition will help his company become an even stronger global leader in the connected home market. Linksys is dependable, reliable and has proven quality.

"Each brand has a distinct identity with different customers," Chen told PC World. "So we want to assure customers that anything either company announced at CES will be launched. Linksys will be maintained as a separate brand. Customer support will continue unchanged. There will be continuity. From a portfolio standpoint, Belkin remains committed to Linksys customers."

Mathieu Whelan, who will transition from Cisco to Belkin as regional product manager, added that both Belkin and Linksys are committed to growing the smart Wi-Fi product line. The router is becoming the brain of the home, and both companies are looking at the router as more than just a tool for internet success.

The mergers and acquisitions process does not necessarily mean that one company will overpower another. Two firms can find mutual ground, and find a compromise that will still allow for individual growth while further pushing one greater cause. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to customers, as consumers often become comfortable with a particular company.

Software mergers and acquisitions continue to highlight the importance of changing computer systems, and how businesses can benefit from focusing on the technological needs of their customers.