June 22, 2016

Maximizing a deal’s potential for success: Part 2 [Video]

While being acquired is an incredibly lucrative business practice in most industries, businesses must be cautious to ensure they’re partnering with the right buyer. In addition to finding the right reason behind a deal, in terms of market consolidation and reaching a wider customer base, companies must make sure they’re on the same page throughout the entirety of the sale.

One of the ways a deal can fail before it even begins is for the two companies to misread each other’s company culture and organizational structure. While layoffs may occur during a high-stake merger, companies must be on the same page regarding what each company can offer the other. Significant disagreement in how the two companies’ employees believe the business should be run can ruin a profitable merger.

In the same line of thinking, there must be constant, clear communication to ensure a deal’s success. Without it, mistakes are easily made and problems arise. This is why organizations enlist the help of a skilled M&A advisor to guide them through this process with ease.

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