July 15, 2014

Microsoft acquires InMage to boost disaster recovery services

Microsoft recently announced the acquisition of a company called InMage to help with its cloud computing service, Azure. InMage provides disaster recovery services. 

We've noted previously that acquisitions can allow companies to obtain technology that will enable them to become increasingly competitive. As Tech Crunch explains, the services provided by InMage may be able to give Microsoft's Azure service a more appealing edge for enterprise customers. 

According to a ZDNet article, Microsoft is recognizing the increasing relevance and importance of business continuity services. However, these services are often expensive enough to lead some companies not to invest in them. With the addition of InMage, Microsoft will be able to provide these services to its clients. 

In this case, InMage's services would become integrated with the Azure disaster recovery. This way, Microsoft looks to boost its existing service with the addition of the technology gained through this acquisition, allowing to offer more services to customers and potentially position itself as a stronger competitor in the market. 

For InMage, joining Microsoft may create an opportunity to further develop its technology.

"We have always been focused on providing innovative on-premises and cloud-based business continuity solutions to our customers and partners. Now, as part of the Microsoft family, we have the amazing opportunity to accelerate our innovation and provide even greater value with cloud-connected solutions based on Microsoft Azure," said InMage in an announcement on the company's website. 

An acquisition can be highly beneficial to both parties, but it is essential to weigh out potential considerations in advance to make sure the deal is the right fit, and that merging teams will be able to effectively work together. An M&A advisor can provide the insight you need to develop a successful acquisition strategy