June 15, 2015

Microsoft buys app management firm BlueStripe

Microsoft acquired application management service firm BlueStripe for an undisclosed sum.

As a meme, "there's an app for that" has come to fruition. Today, professionals and consumers rely on apps for virtually every area of their real and digital lives. As such, the platforms that power apps require management systems that are responsive, diagnostic and otherwise facilitate the implementation of many applications at one time. 

Microsoft, an early pioneer and stalwart of operating systems, is a company that can benefit from improved application management. That perhaps explains its acquisition of BlueStripe, a company whose application management services support enterprises as they monitor and troubleshoot applications that have been deployed across various operating systems, data centers and cloud environments. Tech Crunch reports that the acquisition's terms were not disclosed, but the deal could be the beginning of an exciting tech partnership. 

"We have worked with Microsoft for years — they've been a great customer, a technology supporter, and IT management partner," explains a post by the BlueStripe team. "Going forward, you will see BlueStripe's technology play an even more important role as new data center and cloud solutions come to market. We are thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the next wave of IT innovation."

Sometimes the best way to enter the tech M&A conversation is to form strong relationships with partner organizations early on. In BlueStripe's case, the support and innovation it lent Microsoft proved valuable enough to purchase down the road. With a full suite of Microsoft products to lend expertise and management strategy, the BlueStripe brand broadens its market reach and raises its visibility. 

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