March 14, 2013

More information can help push technology mergers forward

Entrepreneurs who are trying to expand their business must consider several factors. Not only are customer needs crucial, it is important to have as much detail available as possible for all parties involved. Customers, shareholders and current employees can all benefit from knowing details about any possible merger or acquisition activity.

Last October, T-Mobile USA announced that it would merge with MetroPCS Wireless in an effort to build a better LTE network. According to IDG News Service, the Department of Justice (DOJ) helped the deal move forward by passing a deadline for action last week. 

The technology merger is not expected to face much legal backlash, and the deal will allow MetroPCS to boost T-Mobile's subscriber count from 33 million to 42 million, the companies announced in October. 

René Obermann, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, said in a statement released last October that the proposed partnership was a cultural and operational fit.

"The new company will be the value leader in wireless with the scale, spectrum and financial and other resources to expand its geographic coverage, broaden choice among all types of customers and continue to innovate, especially around the next-generation LTE network," he said.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile have the same network strategies and LTE networks in the same spectrum bands, Roger Linquist, chairman and CEO of MetroPCS, told PC Mag. He added that officials expect the deal to create a stronger wireless provider that will satisfy customer needs and further drive shareholder value.

However, while job growth was promised from the partnership, there are conflicting reports about whether or not that will happen. The Federal Communications Commission, the Committee on Foreign Investment and MetroPCS shareholders are still yet to vote on the merger. Like in many business opportunities, the more information that is made available, the smoother the entire process can run.

As with any merger or acquisition, the more financial documents and legal issues that are made clear, the easier it will be to move forward.