November 2, 2015

Now is the time for mergers and acquisitions

Here are some businesses who have merged or are looking to in the near future.

Many tech industry companies are beginning to get antsy. This feeling stems from two recent major mergers that were announced just in the past few weeks. The first involves two competing semiconductor companies, Western Digital and SanDisk, where the latter company was acquired in a $19 billion merger.

Meanwhile, one phenomenal acquisition that has the tech industry talking is the merger of computer industry giant Dell with data storage giant EMC. This monumental acquisition, to the tune of $67 billion, has caused tech firms to begin shifting, looking for new ways to expand and succeed in their highly competitive marketplace.

"A lot of these companies are seeing a bipolar spending environment, and the boards and the CEOs are taking off the rose-colored glasses and they are making the tough decisions, realizing it's either get acquired or strategically buckle up and get ready for the next growth phase, which could be these companies making acquisitions themselves," Daniel Ives, senior research analyst at FBR Capital Markets, said.

At the moment, there are many tech giants who seeking new avenues for growth. Some of these organizations include IBM, Cisco and Oracle. Meanwhile, others are approaching the issue with a degree of caution, so as to not rush into decisions that could end hastily, such as previous failed merger of AOL and Time Warner. Many experts are advising companies to consider the viability of potential mergers, along with evaluating long-term goals and how a merger or acquisition could achieve this.

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