March 3, 2014

Oracle acquires big-data startup BlueKai

Oracle recently announced that it would acquire online data management startup BlueKai to build its cloud marketing software offerings. Although the terms of the purchase were not disclosed, the San Jose Mercury News reports that the software giant may have paid around $400 million for the company, most of it in cash. 

BlueKai collects and analyzes online data that users provide to websites to help marketers personalize online and traditional marketing campaigns. Founded in 2008, the Cupertino, California-based firm began as a platform for advertisers to exchange data, but evolved into more advanced search software. 

The most important component of the purchase is BlueKai's Data Management Platform, which organizes the personal data of more than 700 million web users. 

"Modern marketers require new ways of acquiring, centralizing, interpreting, and activating customer data across marketing channels so that they can enhance the customer experience and maximize the return on their marketing spend," Oracle Executive Steve Miranda said in a press release. "The addition of BlueKai […] enables marketers to act on data across both known customers and new audiences and precisely target customers with a personalized message across all channels."

Omar Tawakol, BlueKai's CEO echoed that sentiment adding that his company's products convert what is often fragmented marketing data into useful information that drives results. 

Oracle's purchase of BlueKai is just the latest in a series of business acquisitions to strengthen its marketing division. In December 2013, the Silicon Valley tech giant purchased web-based marketing software maker Responsys for $1.39 billion. The year before, it purchased Eloqua, a creator of web-based marketing automation software.