November 8, 2013

Ottawa-based LiveQoS acquires startup company

LiveQoS, a network management company based in Ottawa, Canada, recently announced that it has acquired startup company Openera.

According to an article on the Ottawa Business Journal, Openera possesses compression technology that would allow LiveQoS to improve its service to customers.

"Openera enables LiveQoS to offer compression to the mobile business user in addition to the speed and security we already offer," Martin Horne, the CEO of LiveQoS, said in a company press release. "Bringing on Openera and the team will allow us to launch a cloud services business that will ensure the best possible user experience for mobile users."

Though the exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed, it seems that Openera executives will come out favorably. For example, the news source reported that founder Peter Lalonde has been named vice-president of cloud services at LiveQoS.

LiveQoS has been growing over the past year, and this most recent technology acquisition will increase its staff by 50 percent. The company has also raised $4 million in private equity financing, proving that it is prepared for a successful future.

"This acquisition came at the perfect time in our growth period," Horne said. "It added just the right amount of people and the perfect addition to our technology. We look forward to continued growth over the next year as well."

Given that LiveQoS manages real-time networks, it will have plenty of uses for Openera's technology. Those who seek to use an application or watch a video over the networks will benefit from the increased speeds and lack of pixelation that can occur when watching particularly large video files.