January 20, 2014

Palo Alto Networks acquires startup founded by ex-NSA employees

Palo Alto Networks — a network security company based in Santa Clara, California — just made its first acquisition. According to The Var Guy, an online information technology (IT) resource, the business agreement involves the purchase of Morta Security — an enterprise-focused cyber security startup created by former National Security Agency (NSA) employees — for an unknown amount of money. 

The source reports that Palo Alto Networks, which was founded in 2005, has been struggling to compete against big names in network security, such as Juniper Networks, Check Point and Cisco Systems. Following months of steadily decreasing revenue, acquiring Morta Security "may be what the vendor needs to turn its fortunes around," notes the news outlet. 

"The Morta team brings additional valuable threat intelligence experience and capabilities to Palo Alto Networks," Mark McLaughlin, president and CEO of Palo Alto Networks, said in a prepared statement. "The company's technology developments align well with our highly integrated, automated and scalable platform approach, and their contributions will translate into additive threat detection and prevention benefits for our customers."

In spite of recent difficulties breaking out in the network security space, Palo Alto Networks has maintained that its unique approach to preventing cyber attacks differentiates it from competitors and will enable it to thrive in the coming years.  

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